HYPEC INC is an international trading and technical service company for the oil & gas EPC project business with unlimited potential and abundant resource support. The Company is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for oil & gas development and exploitation, and it is engaged in providing highly efficient and clean energies and also energy production approaches for customers across the globe. Its main business scope is divided into three categories: oil & gas equipments and projects, petrochemical and environment protection equipments and services, and oil & gas development and exploitation.

Our products and services provide highly efficient and environmentally friendly comprehensive solutions to the global oil & gas industry, and currently span over 50 onshore and offshore oil & gas fields in 30 oil producing countries. Nowadays our group company has over 30 branch companies and offices operating in USA, Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, etc.

The Company has powerful processing and manufacturing capability, with a 70,000 m2 sized production and research base and a 40,000 m2 sized plant for oil & gas equipment. It also has a wide range of processing, manufacturing and detecting equipments with a variety functions, and multiple laboratories with high quality control systems.