Design capacity

Complete petroleum and petrochemical industry qualifications, with engineering design qualifications for the oil and gas industry :

- API Spec 12J API Spec 12K product logo certificate issued by American Petroleum Institute

- U, U2, S steel seal certificate for pressure vessel manufacture issued by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

- Class I, II, III Grade A1, A2 pressure vessel design and manufacturing certificate

- Pressure pipe design certificate of Grade GC1, GC2, GC3, and Level C boiler manufacturing certificate

- Quality management system certification ISO9001

- Environmental management system certification ISO14001

- Occupational health and safety certification OHSMS18001

- Quality management system certification API Q1.

R&D professional team

-R&D center: oilfield water treatment laboratory, environmental engineering laboratory, gravity separation laboratory, centrifuge separation laboratory, electric dehydration laboratory
-Design institute: natural gas processing specialty, technology specialty, water supply and drainage specialty, mechanical equipment specialty, instrumentation specialty, piping specialty, automation specialty and telecommunication specialty

Natural gas desulfurization and decarburization device

Natural gas deacidification device