Our company beat three highly qualified French companies in a competitive bidding process and won for the oil and gas processing equipment (including 8 production separator skids, 4 metering separator skids and 8 metering tank skids) for four metering oil transfer stations of Zhaerze oilfield in 2005. We won the bid for Zhaerze oilfield's project again (including 6 horizontal three-phase separators, 3 vertical three-phase separators and 6 sets of vertical gas water two-phase separators) in 2007.

Our company completed the EP work for the oil transfer station of SBAA oilfield early in 2006 and provided the user with a complete set of equipment including production separator skids, metering separator skids, phase change heating furnace skids, transport pump skids and SCADA station control systems, all of which were favorably put into production in Sept. 2006.

Our company won the bid for the phase II engineering construction project of Zhaerze oilfield early in 2008 and designed and manufactured 6 production separators, 3 metering separators, 6 gas-water separators and 6 metering tanks for Zhaerze oilfield. We finished manufacturing the equipment in a highly efficient manner by the end of 2008. After being put into production, the equipment ran without a hitch.

The Algeria high pressure testing separator project includes a total of two sets of truck-mounted vertical high pressure testing separators provided by us to Algeria ENSP Company. The designed pressure of the separator is 2175PSI. The separator was successfully put into production in 2011. Various indexes of the separator conform to the requirements of the design. The separator has been recognized and accepted by our client.

Truck-mounted surface testing equipment (2 sets) of Sonatrach ENSP

Free water separators (5 sets) for Zhaerze oilfield of SINOPEC-SONATRACH Joint Operation Consortium